Friday, August 26, 2011

Lenovo's M71z all-in-one is 20" of touchscreen, $599 and up

Lenovo’s all-in-one M71z may be geared for the office, but its impressive specs make it a powerful yet space-efficient computer hub at home too.

Powered by the second-generation Intel Core i-processor, DDR3 RAM, with the option for up to 1 TB hard drive or a 160 GB solid state drive for 15-second bootups, all combined with a 20″ touchscreen monitor, there is a lot to like about the M71z. (Windows 7 [Home Premium and up] and Vista do offer touch controls so you can open and close programs and windows by tapping the monitor.)

The all-in-one also comes equipped with a whopping six USB ports, a DVD burner, chassis intrusion switch to let you know when your computer has been opened, as well as a DisplayPort for plugging in a second monitor so you can catch up on your emails while you watch a movie. You also have the option for a 2-megapixel web cam and digital array microphone that should yield high-quality web chats, perhaps even good enough for a job or television interview. For those living in tight quarters who may not be able to spare a desk for an all-in-one computer, the M71z can be mounted on the wall or on a desk mount using the universal Vesa devices.

At $599, the M71z seems like better bang for your buck when compared to Dell’s all-in-one Inspiron One 2305, which has an older AMD CPU but offers a slightly larger touch display at 23″ for $750. HP’s business-minded Omni Pro 110 starts at $639 but doesn’t include a touchscreen monitor. To be fair, we won’t know until the M71z launches in October the exact components that are included in the base $599 price tag. Lenovo’s all-in-one will be sold on its website and through its business partners.


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