Thursday, September 23, 2010

Asus P52 notebook series

Asus has recently presented the P52 series which are headed for the European market and are priced between $980 and $1,230 depending on the model.

There are four models for the Asus P52 series, more specifically the Asus P52F-SO006X, Asus P52JC-SO009X, Asus P52F-SO017X, and Asus P52JC-SO012X. All of the models have a 15.6-inch LED screen with 1366×768 being the resolution and are based on the Intel Calpella platform as well as using the Intel Anti-theft technology.

The main differences between each laptop model is the processor and memory RAM, which can either be an Intel Core i3-370M at 2.4GHz or Intel Core i5-450M at 2.4GHz, while the memory RAM can be set at 2GB or 4B of DDR3. As for the graphics card it can be an Intel GMA HD integrated or a nVidia GeForce G310M with 1GB.


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