Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Toshiba Satellite T235D notebook with AMD Processor

AMD has consistently fought an acclivous action to accomplish a name for itself in notebooks. Even at Intel's darkest hour, if Pentium 4s were accepting a well-deserved whupping from the Athlon 64 series, the accomplished Pentium Ms reigned absolute a part of aboriginal thin-and-light laptops. Intel widened its advance afresh with its Atom and Consumer Ultra-Low Voltage offerings, which accept accustomed us ahead exceptional combinations of power-efficiency and affordability.
The course is boring turning, though. In May of this year, AMD appear its better adaptable barrage to date: 135 systems from all of the big names in the industry—Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, MSI, and Toshiba—adopted its new Nile and Danube platforms. According to the latest abstracts from IDC, AMD's paltry anthology bazaar allotment became hardly beneath paltry endure quarter, as well, aggressive from just over 12% to about 14%.

Toshiba's Satellite T235D-S1345 is one of the 135 newcomers—part of the beginning aggression of AMD champions out to prove themselves adjoin Intel's finest. Toshiba has based this 13.3" ultraportable on the 2010 AMD Ultrathin Platform, aswell accepted as Nile, outfitting it with a dual-core Turion II Neo processor, Radeon HD 4225 chip graphics, and a appropriately abbreviate chassis. At atomic on paper, the T235D compares agreeably to analogously priced CULV designs, abnormally if you attending at the chip graphics.

We'll be putting the T235D through the paces to see whether AMD assuredly has a austere amateur to the Intel CULV family. Is Nile the slam-dunk AMD needs? And should the T235D itself be on your arcade account this back-to-school season?


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